About Curious Elder

Hello, I’m Lloyd Lemons. I write, curate, and edit Curious Elder.

Curious Elder (CE) is a newsletter for people of a certain age who are open-minded, independent thinkers interested in getting better at getting older. We are a tribe rich in experience and proud of our accomplishments. We’ve been in the trenches and faced many of life’s joys and hardships, but our station in life presents new obstacles and opportunities that we must consider to thrive. 

Simply put, getting older requires a fresh discourse. This newsletter will start the conversation. It will offer you something to think about, talk about, and it will provide ideas to ponder.

As a subscriber to CE, you’ll become part of a community of mature, curious, active adults who continue to seek healthy, productive lives that deliver contentment. 

Curious Elder nurtures thought

I hope that CE will strengthen your sense of purpose and community connection, and provide insight and encouragement to keep you thinking and moving forward. As a subscriber, you’ll read posts that include reflections and questions to ponder in a variety of age-related topics including …

  • Cultural observations

  • Insights on aging

  • Personal resilience

  • Technology quandaries

  • Personal stories

  • Creative problem-solving

Yes, it’s a newsletter, but at times it may feel like a journal entry, an essay, an opinion piece, insights from a well-known expert, or a simple entertaining story, all chosen to give you a thought-provoking narrative to motivate your day. 

In addition to the principal newsletter, you’ll find special sections. The current offering includes …

  • Threads - a place to share in a topical discussion with the CE community.

  • Interviews - with folks who are achieving remarkable things a little later in life. 

  • Fitness - bike, walk, move, learn how movement keeps you fit. 

  • Perks - bonus articles on practical topics you’ll find useful in daily life.

The benefits are many

  • Meet new people by becoming an active member of the CE community.

  • Enjoy a new way of seeing things, maybe reset your thinking and behavior.

  • Each newsletter is sent directly to your private inbox. You’ll never miss an issue.

  • Gain full access to the CE archive.

  • Leave comments, ask questions, keep the conversation going. 

  • Engage via discussion Threads and interactive video chats.

  • Subscribe today for free or take advantage of the paid plan.

  • Finally, there are no ads, no clickbait, no questionable motives, and no-nonsense. Plus, I will never sell, rent, or share your personal information with anyone--ever! And, you are never obligated to stay; you may unsubscribe whenever you feel CE content is no longer helpful.

Choose a plan

Sign up for the free plan to receive one principal newsletter each month. Additionally, you’ll receive one monthly discussion Thread for an opportunity to connect to and chat with the entire CE community. 

Sign up for the paid plan to receive a principal newsletter every other week. Additionally, you’ll receive a weekly discussion Thread for an opportunity to connect to and chat with the entire CE community. Gain full access to the archives including all special sections. Additionally, I will arrange a free ZOOM meeting for topics that garner a high level of interest where we can all meet “face-to-face” for a free group discussion.   

About Me

I’m Lloyd Lemons. I’ve been writing and curating content for business and industry for 40-years. I’m also a dad, grandfather, husband, homeowner, and small business creator. I’m a life-long learner and make every effort to use sound thinking to make good decisions. I question ideas and assumptions rather than accept them at face value.

Today, CE is my only project. It was established in October of 2020. The knowledge, insight, and stories you’ll find here are a mix of content written by me and some that I curate from the most helpful and knowledgeable thinkers from around the world. I hope CE will provide the ideas, motivation, and community to help make the most of who you are today. 

It’s important to spend your valuable time reading things that matter. Please, take a few moments to look at the home page and see what it can bring to your life. 

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