A small green bicycle parked on the sidewalk outside a small neighborhood ladies clothing shop.
Live simply. Photo © Lloyd Lemons

About Curious Elder

This is a newsletter for men and women who are still curious about life and what we can do to make it more enjoyable. It’s a community of open-minded, independent thinkers who like to talk about life, share ideas, and explore new pathways to happiness, contentment, and hope. Curious Elder is a project that began in October 2020. It’s written and curated by me, Lloyd Lemons. 

Born in Detroit in 1952 and married for 46-years, I’m a Dad, and a Grandfather, with a DaVincian curiosity. I’ve been a writer of various descriptions for 40-years. Today, I write Curious Elder in my voice, grounded in my meandering experiences. I write about things that trouble my soul, noteworthy observations, elder challenges, and cultural mysteries. It’s a mix of content that will provide you with a spark for lifelong learning, motivation, and insight to help you make the most of who you are today. 

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Finally, there are no ads, no clickbait, no questionable motives, and no-nonsense. I will never sell, rent, or share your personal information. And, you are never obligated to stay; you may cancel your membership whenever you feel Curious Elder is no longer enjoyable. It’s essential to spend your valuable time reading things that matter. I hope Curious Elder provides the ideas, motivation, and community to help make the most of who you are today. Please, take a few moments to look over the Home Page, and imagine what it can bring to your life. 

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